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CHIZU KOPAS is an indigenous company and run by a team of highly qualified, experience and competent personnel who have successfully executed several private sector projects nationwide. Within the period, the company faced with the responsibility of ensuring satisfactory execution of its numerous projects, has largely expanded it human resources along with its security machinery and equipment base to meet the security challenges in the ever growing industry in the new Millen.Read more...

Maintenance of Mobile Surveillance Systems

The S5 PTZ Security Robot automatically returns to its charger when low on power. For operating convenience, the robot is equipped with a colored semi-circle lamp status indicator, which is easily seen at a distance of more than 10 feet.

Security System on a Mobile Surveillance Vehicle

The CCTV system is installed on the S Series Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle. The placement of the mobile CCTV system on a vehicle allows rapid security system deployment.

Day and Night Patrolling and Surveillance

The guidance system records location by using visual landmark recognition. This technology ensures reliable pathfinding in built-up and landscaped areas. The best passage way for the robot is a walkway about three feet wide. The color difference between the way and the rest of the territory provides information for accurate path adjustment.

Wireless Video Surveillance

The autonomous security robot is equipped with a panoramic video surveillance system consisting of six cameras for all-round observation and a PTZ camera to track motion at a large distance. The images from all cameras are transmitted over WiFi to a Central Monitoring Station or a security officer’s laptop.

Security Robots

Security robots for mobile patrols

A security patrol robot is equipped with a 360-degree video surveillance system. It consists of six cameras for panoramic observation and a PTZ camera to track objects at larger distances. In automatic mode, the video surveillance system directs the PTZ camera at any movement source that is discernible by the panoramic cameras. In manual mode, a human operator can control the PTZ camera.

Security Robots


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